The Industrial Emergency Council is dedicated to providing quality training. When there’s an emergency you have to be ready to respond quickly, decisively and knowledgeably.

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 Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) and Air Purifying Respirator (APR) Fit Testing.

Overviews of all the courses we offer, individual course descriptions, and online registration and payment.

HazMat IQ Training Make safe and efficient decisions after just one day of training.

IEC Instructor Todd Burton - San Diego County HazMat Emergency Responder YouTube video demonstrations.

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The Industrial Emergency Council helps organizations prepare for potentially catastrophic events where first response can mean the critical difference for both survival and rapid recovery.

Whether it's a chemical spill, flood, or even an act of sabotage or terrorism, companies have to be ready to respond - quickly, decisively, and knowledgeably. Never has the need been more urgent than in today's uncertain crisis environment, where every action is scrutinized, and physical losses are often dwarfed by legal claims and vast negative publicity.

Since the 1970s, we have helped hundreds of organizations prepare for and prevent industrial accidents and damage from natural disasters. We have also helped organizations be ready to provide life-saving first response to on-the-job injuries, employee heart attacks and other workplace incidents.

We are a nonprofit organization which offers cost-effective training and consulting. We can customize many of our courses to company specific scenarios bringing realistic, hands-on training that is unique, relevant, instructive and memorable to the organizations we work with.

Our detailed on-site consulting can provide the knowledge that not only prevents accidents but may often improve a company’s emergency processes as well.